Corporate Culture
Taranet is a cyber security firm headquartered in San Diego, CA. We are always looking for information system security engineers with high integrity and solid technical skills.

Corporate Culture

Taranet’s corporate culture supports the following tenets for all employees:

  • PROFESSIONALISM – The expertise and conduct that goes beyond the ordinary
  • RESPECT – The acceptance of individual diversity
  • HONOR – The appreciation of personal integrity
  • SOLIDARITY – The fortification of a diverse and committed team

There are many unique advantages and challenges in joining a small business such as Taranet. The ability to be flexible, stay motivated and lead an effort are keys to thriving in a small business environment. As a Taranet employee, you may be asked to take part in the development of core business objectives, to consistently learn new skills, and/or make significant contributions to a collaborative management team. Be prepared to have your opinions and guidance taken seriously and then given the leeway and support to “see it through.”

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Work as part of a team that has a crucial role in protecting the critical assets of Nation-wide businesses as well as, Local, State and Federal Governments.
  • Flexible and innovative work practices that aim for a balance between work and family life
  • A workplace that celebrates diversity
  • Opportunity for accelerated career growth as a key player in an expanding small business
  • Healthcare and well-being benefits

If you consider yourself a detail-oriented, self-starter, who desires considerable personal and professional growth, consider Taranet as a gateway to a successful future.

Current Position Openings:

None at this time please check back later.

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