Monthly Archives: January 2014

The Day the Password Died

I still remember a time when having a computer in your business was like being in a Jetson’s cartoon. But by the 1980’s computing was becoming the norm, and soon there was a computer on every desk. It wasn’t long before we were all connected to each other by the Internet. Businesses were able to expand their area of […]

Cyber Threat

If you use a computer at work, you probably have attended mandatory cyber-threat training. You may have even signed a letter saying you’ll behave when using a company computer or network. Still, we all know that one employee who can’t help posting what they had for lunch on Facebook because everyone wants to know what they’re doing.

Security Patching

The first time I was told by a computer security guru that I needed to patch my computer, I thought, “Why? Is there something that will leak out?” To put it mildly, at the time I was not very computer savvy. However, in my defense, I wasn’t too far off by asking that question.